Sponsorship Opportunities

As a Sponsor, your organization sponsors The Beacon Network and becomes a community partner for our organization.

The Beacon Network is funded almost entirely by its sponsors, so we can provide free educational resources to the entire Central Florida community. The Beacon Network and its membership believe that every barrier to achieving a fully Diverse & Inclusive workplace community can be eliminated and should be eliminated. In keeping with the spirit of this belief, all standards and information are provided to the our community on this website without charge.
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As an Annual Sponsor, your organization:

  • helps promote this mission
  • enables community-based development, collaboration and implementable solutions
  • is showcased as a leader in Diversity & Inclusion & a stakeholder in the overall mission of ensuring the advancement and improvement of the Central Florida workplace.
  • is marketed by The Beacon Network throughout the year on The Beacon Network website and at all forums and luncheons.

With Sponsorship of The Beacon Network, your organization benefits:

  • support with future Diversity & Inclusion programing
  • shared resources focused on maximizing the value and integrity of your Diversity & Inclusion initiatives
  • increased Diversity & Inclusion training for your organizations members

If your organization is not a sponsor, but you use this site please consider sponsoring The Beacon Network and help us share the cost of bringing Diversity & Inclusion education to a new level of inclusivity. We thank you for your continued interest in and support of The Beacon Network.